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5 LNB Rotation

Rotate the LNB in its housing to the correct angle and direction:



6 Tuning

6.1 Setting the Tuner

Connect the antenna LNB to the receiver and the receiver to the TV set according to the receiver manual.

Enter the transponder properties into the receiver (frequency, symbol rate, polarization, forward error correction):


You can find the list of transponders for the selected satellite and their properties in the Tuner section of SatHunter:


To get more detailed information about transponders, click the "View…" by the corresponding satellite.


6.2 Tuning with a SêóStar DVB card:
If there is a DVB-S card installed on your computer, you can set up antenna precisely using the Tuner section.
Use the list to select the necessary transponder or enter its properties manually, then click the "Set Tuner" button.


7. Fine-Tuning

If you have done everything correctly and accurately to this point, you should see a quality bar on the connected receiver or in SatHunter:


If this is not the case, try moving the antenna slowly vertically or horizontally in search of the satellite beam.


Make sure you try to get the maximum quality level.

Set up the receiver according to its manual.

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